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No Code Description
1 DARC Diliman College of Architecture
2 LBCA UPLB College of Agriculture
3 LBCAASC UPLB College of Agriculture-Agricultural Systems Cluster
4 LBCACPC UPLB College of Agriculture-Crop Protection Cluster
5 LBCAS UPLB College of Arts and Sciences
6 LBCDC UPLB College of Development Communication
7 LBCEM UPLB College of Economics and Management
8 LBCEAT UPLB College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology
9 LBCFNR UPLB College of Forestry and Natural Resources
10 LBCHE UPLB College of Human Ecology
11 LBCPAf UPLB College of Public Affairs and Development
12 LBCVM UPLB College of Veterinary Medicine
13 LBCACSC UPLB Collge of Agriculture-Crop Science Cluster
14 LBML UPLB Main Library home page here
15 LBMLA UPLB Main Library Acquisitions Section
16 LBMLC UPLB Main Library Cataloging Section
17 LBMLF UPLB Main Library Filipiniana Section home page here
18 LBMLLC UPLB Main Library Learning Commons
19 LBMLO UPLB Main Library Oversize Books
20 LBMLR UPLB Main Library Reserve Section home page here
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